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PPIC Statewide Survey

The PPIC Statewide Survey provides a voice for the public and likely voters—informing policymakers, encouraging discussion and raising awareness on critical issues.

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Featured Blog Post · February 7, 2023

Californians Prioritize Controlling Gun Ownership

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Fact Cards

2 in 3 Californians support the state making its own policies to address climate change.
71% Percentage of Californians who think the gap between rich and poor is growing in their part of the state.
66% Most California adults favor providing health care to undocumented immigrants.
39% Share of Californians who say racism is a big problem in the US today.
94% Most Californians say housing affordability is a problem in their part of the state.
Democrats are the largest block of registered voters by party.
About 3 in 10 Californians think that when today’s children grow up, they will be worse off financially than their parents.
Nearly 3 in 4 Californians think laws for the sale of guns should be stricter.
69% Most Californians believe the effects of climate change have already begun.
6 in 10 Californians feel teacher salaries are too low.
45% The share of Californians who say they’ve done a lot to reduce water use.